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The days of traditional garage door colors and limited alternatives are long gone. The residential overhead garage door has come a long way to become the focal point of your house, improving its curb appeal and value. Our Residential Garage Doors collections are handpicked based on their unique blend of style and color possibilities, which are suited to your design preferences.


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Glass is gaining popularity in the construction of both residential garage doors and commercial garage doors. Glass garage doors are an easy way to infuse a home with a contemporary edge. A typical glass garage door consists of tempered glass panels supported by a sturdy metal framework. This framework provides additional strength to the door, enabling smooth folding during opening and closing. The tempered glass used in these panels is as strong as car windows, four times stronger than regular glass. In case of breakage, tempered glass shatters into tiny fragments, minimizing the risk of injury.

offered in a variety of styles, glazing materials, track styles, and finish options. these modern overhead garage doors are Ideal for service stations, residences, fire stations, professional facilities, and retail environments, Full-view view glass garage doors are practical, durable, and handsomely styled with the option to customize your garage doors to match aesthetics around.

Here are a few things you’ll want to consider if you’re thinking about installing a glass garage door in your home.

Glass Garage Doors: Simple, Unforgettable Appeal

  • Location and Privacy – If your home is relatively close to the street in the city center a glass garage door may not be the best option. If, however, your house is set back and the garage is at the end of a generous driveway then the glass door becomes an excellent aesthetic choice. If you still have security concerns remember that glass panels are fabricated from impact-resistant tempered glass and can be tinted like car windows to whatever opacity you desire.
  • Energy Efficiency – Some homeowners are concerned that glass doors will be energy drains allowing precious heat to escape to the atmosphere. Fortunately, this is not the case as most glass garage door panels today are created using insulated glass that prevents heat loss. Although it’s true that insulated glass won’t return the same R-value as say, insulated aluminum panels, its performance is still superior to many styles of the wooden garage door.
  • Creativity – Let’s face it, one of the major attractions of the glass garage door is the ability to turn it into an unmitigated fashion statement. By adjusting the frame style, materials, colors, and textures along with the glass type, tint, and opacity you can realize a dizzying array of purely aesthetic results that speak for themselves and enhance the curb appeal of your home in interesting and sometimes unexpected ways.


The glass garage door has become the must-have accessory for style-conscious homeowners in Toronto GTA. While they have also become a trendy choice for sophisticated cafes and retail shops it’s in the home setting where glass garage doors shine. A glass garage door provides an entirely new visual aspect to the home that helps unify indoor and outdoor space and can add a subtle but real level of safety to the home as well.

At Smart Doors, we are experts in the installation of modern overhead garage doors, providing a wide range of options to cater to your style. Our selection includes flush/smooth garage doors, fiberglass garage doors, cedar overlay garage doors, carriage house overlay garage doors, stamped carriage style garage doors, Wooden Garage Doors, and aluminum garage doors, ensuring there’s a perfect fit for your preferences. We pride ourselves on offering diverse choices of raised panel, recessed panel, or stamped panel garage doors, that align with both contemporary and traditional aesthetics.

For more than two decades, Smart Doors has been the smart choice for all your garage door requirements. Whether you need sales, service, garage door replacement, or installation, we have you covered. Since 2005, we have been committed to providing exceptional garage door service to the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), which encompasses various neighborhoods such as Markham, Vaughan, Thornhill, King City, concord, Aurora, Richmond Hill, and North York. We’ll help you design a glass door solution to suit your tastes and wallet and then install it at a price you can afford, plus we can conduct garage door repair services if you will need them. Whether you own a funky lakefront cafe or a beautiful suburban home a glass garage door may be exactly what’s called for to provide the perfect finishing touch.

For the best Glass Garage Doors in Toronto, call Smart Doors today!


Centauri Garage Doors is the future of garage doors with its smooth, flush, frameless glass & premium feel. It was created to answer the need for a truly modern garage door, one that can compliment your modern home and your unique architecture.


Glass garage doors come in a variety of sizes, including 8×7, 8×8, 9×7, 9×8, 10×7, 10×8, 16×7, 16×8, 18×7, and 18×8. We do, however, provide the option of customizing glass garage doors to meet your individual needs. Furthermore, we specialize in the installation of extra-large commercial glass garage doors and can create a solution to your specific commercial facility.

When compared to window glass, garage door glass is often thicker and tougher. It is also known as tempered glass, safety glass, or double-strength glass. It is substantially stronger and built for increased durability. When it is double-pained, it becomes extremely resistant to fracture, nearly six times harder to shatter. If breakage does occur, it usually produces a loud and obvious sound.

Glass garage doors are heavier than regular garage doors and may require an upgrade to your existing garage door opener to lift them.

While completely transparent panels are absolutely a possibility, opaque panels that allow complete seclusion are also available. Window tinting or frosting is another option for more seclusion.

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Smart Doors has a comprehensive selection of Residential Garage Doors to suit a wide range of budgets and styles. Browse our garage door collection, which ranges from traditional to contemporary, as well as garage doors constructed of special materials. For Over two decades, Smart Door has been your proud local overhead garage door company, serving Toronto and nearby neighborhoods like Markham, Maple, Richmond Hill, Aurora, Vaughan, Thornhill, Concord, King City, and North York.