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The days of traditional garage door colors and limited alternatives are long gone. The residential overhead garage door has come a long way to become the focal point of your house, improving its curb appeal and value. Our Overhead Garage Doors collections are handpicked based on their unique blend of style and color possibilities, which are suited to your design preferences.


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Most new homes come with the garage door the builder installed. However, since builders are motivated primarily by a desire to limit costs the garage door on your new home is likely there because it cost less than other doors that might have looked better. Even if you bought your home from a previous owner chances are they did a similar calculus to arrive at the garage door they installed. If you’re ready to finally bring your garage door into harmony with the rest of your home consider a custom garage door from Smart Doors.

The Benefits of Custom Garage Doors

Residential garage doors or commercial garage doors can make the difference between an exterior that looks okay and one that looks great and makes design sense as well. With a custom garage door, you’re able to:

  • Choose Your Look – Whether you want to imbue your home with a bit of old-world charm or need a custom-designed door to put the finishing touches on an exterior remodeling project Smart Doors expert designers can help. Create a garage door that transcends its mundane functional role to become a critical architectural anchor.
  • Choose Your Material – With a custom garage door the look and feel, along with the level of finish and the materials, involved are up to you. Everything from exotic hardwoods to more expensive metals like copper or mirror-finish stainless steel is at your disposal. If you’re a champion of sustainability we can fabricate your custom garage doors from reclaimed wood.
  • Choose Your Level of Security – Specify exactly what type of controls you want in order to better safeguard your home and loved ones. Control the door from your PC or smartphone. Set specific access frequencies for different people or at different times of the day. You can even open or close your garage door through the Internet from halfway around the world.
  • Ramp Up the Energy Efficiency – Your custom garage doors can exhibit any level of insulation your wants, needs or desires dictate. From solid wood carriage-house style doors built to exacting tolerances to an aluminum wonder with thick, fully insulated panels that will seal your garage against the scourge of heat loss, the choice is yours.

Custom garage doors provide you with the ability to put the finishing touches on your home’s security profile, architectural style, and carbon footprint. Talk to a Smart Doors, Overhead Garage Door Replacement expert today to find out more about the many benefits of a custom-designed garage door or to request a garage door repair service if you already have one.


Smart doors can make your dream garage door a reality, whether you give a professional drawing or a simple doodle on a notebook. We provide a variety of alternatives, including doors with and without windows made of wood, glass, aluminum, or fiberglass. Each door is handcrafted to your exact specifications and using the material of your choice. Customizing your garage doors allows you to personalize them according to your preferences. Allow yourself to be expressive and daring by choosing colors, accents, accessories, styles, and finishes that truly reflect your personality.

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Centauri Garage Doors is the future of garage doors with its smooth, flush, frameless glass & premium feel. It was created to answer the need for a truly modern garage door, one that can compliment your modern home and your unique architecture.



Customizing your garage doors to reflect your own style is a great way to show off who you are. Choose boldly by incorporating your personality into the accents, finishing, accessories, and designs you choose. By choosing a bespoke garage door, you can also provide an extra layer of security and insulation for your house or place of business.

With its sleek lines and simple appearance, modern garage doors stand out from older versions that contain layered panels, grooves, or ornate hardware. These doors frequently have flush panels, which give them a sleek and streamlined appearance. They also employ delicate colors that fit very well with modern dwellings. Flush panel garage doors, glass garage doors, fiberglass garage doors, and aluminum garage doors are among the popular options. Clear black full view garage doors, on the other hand, have emerged as a particularly popular choice in contemporary design.

There are several factors to consider when choosing a custom garage door design, such as whether you need a door for a one- or two-car garage. Examine the available driveway space for your garage. Check that the design complements your home’s architectural style. Consider the weight of the garage door as well as the ideal height for your garage door to match your needs to ensure optimum performance.

Custom garage doors are often more expensive than pre-manufactured doors, frequently costing twice as much. However, the investment is worthwhile because it increases the value of your home. The final cost will depend on aspects like size, openers, insulation, materials, style, and complexity of installation. Choosing a garage door with complex wooden decorations would typically cost more than a plain steel or aluminum garage door.

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Smart Doors has a comprehensive selection of Residential and Commercial Garage Doors to suit a wide range of budgets and styles. Browse our garage door collection, which ranges from traditional to contemporary, as well as garage doors constructed of special materials. For Over two decades, Smart Door is your proud local overhead garage door company, serving Toronto and nearby neighborhoods like Markham, Maple, Richmond Hill, Aurora, Vaughan, Thornhill, Concord, King City, and North York.