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Carriage House Stamped is a garage door style that imitates the appearance of traditional carriage house doors using a stamping technique. Instead of relying on wood, these doors are usually constructed from sturdy metals like steel. Through the stamping process, intricate patterns and designs are pressed onto the door’s surface, giving the illusion of distinct panels and elaborate details. This method allows for the replication of the classic carriage house look while utilizing durable materials that offer long-lasting performances.


Carriage House Stamped Short Steel is a type of garage door that merges the timeless appeal of carriage house design with the strength of shorter steel panels. By utilizing a stamping technique, the steel surface is adorned with intricate patterns and embellishments, replicating the look of separate panels commonly seen in traditional carriage house doors. This style presents homeowners with an attractive and easy-to-maintain choice, combining a classic aesthetic with the advantages of robust steel construction.

Carriage House Stamped 5216

Rustic craftsmanship brings unparalleled warmth and individuality to our line of carriage-style garage doors.

Carriage House Stamped 5250

True wood carriage style garage doors don’t have to be complex. With the same appearance as our top-of-the-line.

Carriage House Stamped 5283

Replicating the beauty of rich, natural wood, our 5283 carriage garage door is a welcoming centerpiece for any home


Carriage House Stamped Long Steel refers to a particular style of garage door design that combines the charm of carriage house aesthetics with the use of long steel panels. In this design, the steel panels are stamped with intricate patterns and details to emulate the appearance of individual panels found in traditional carriage house doors.

Carriage House Stamped 5251

Carriage House Stamped 5251 is a mesmerizing garage door design that embodies the timeless charm of traditional carriage house doors. 

Carriage House Stamped 5916

Carriage House Stamped 5916 is a distinctive model or variation in the Carriage House Stamped series, denoted by the number “5916”. 

Carriage House Stamped 5950

Carriage House Stamped 5950 embodies an alluring garage door design found in the Carriage House Stamped series. It  blends the carriage house aesthetics.

Carriage House Stamped 5983

Carriage House Stamped 5983 is a unique variant within the Carriage House Stamped series, symbolized by the designation “5983”. This signifies its individuality, suggesting the possibility of exclusive qualities, dimensions, or materials.

Carriage House Stamped 5951

Carriage House Stamped 5951 is a designated model within the Carriage House Stamped series, marked by the number “5951.” It indicates the possibility of unique attributes, sizes, or materials. With this style, homeowners are happy 


Centauri Garage Doors is the future of garage doors with its smooth, flush, frameless glass & premium feel. It was created to answer the need for a truly modern garage door, one that can compliment your modern home and your unique architecture.


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