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For the average business or homeowner, garage door repair issues sometimes appear daunting. But instead of automatically assuming a new garage door installation is needed, why not call the Overhead garage door replacement professionals at SMART DOOR for advice? For over 20 years, our company has earned and retained thousands of customers in the Greater Toronto Area because of our professionalism, dedication to quality workmanship, and prices on sales, repairs, and ongoing garage door maintenance that the competition can’t match.

One of the most common problems we see that often results in garage door repair is the damage a door frame takes thanks to our varying climate. Whether it’s caused by ice, snow, wind, high temperatures, or rain, the frame around the door is the first to exhibit signs of abuse. The Garage Doors professionals at SMART DOORS will typically inspect the door and frame, and make a recommendation best suited to the homeowner’s preferences and budget. Rather than replacement, we recommend capping the area around the garage door frame with aluminum to complement an existing or new garage door but to prevent or minimize further damage once repairs are complete.

Why Smart Doors is the Leading Garage Door Service and Repair company in GTA

Since 2002, the professionals at SMART DOORS have consistently topped the competition because we understand there’s more to earning business than catchy radio jingles or slick website advertisements. We take pride in every job we earn, never forgetting the customer comes first. Unlike some garage door companies, we fully understand the customer drives the project and makes the final decision on options that fit their needs. It’s simple: You tell us what the problem is, we listen, and then we fix it.

For more than 2 decades, SMART DOORS has been the premier residential garage doors and commercial garage doors company servicing the Greater Toronto Area, and it’s not hard to see why. While many of our competitors have gone out of business or resorted to gimmicks to earn customers, we’ve retained and earned new clients the old-fashioned way: Through hard work, professional services, and the best prices around on sales, repair, and ongoing maintenance for garage doors and garage door openers. If you are a home or business owner who needs top-notch garage door service and repair options, look no further than the professionals at SMART DOOR.

Part of what’s made SMART DOOR so successful, even in these trying economic times, is our commitment to quality service and educating customers about common garage door-related problems, and what their options may be to rectify the situation. Some of the typical problems we see are: The garage door opener doesn’t open with the remote or wall switch, the garage door won’t close all the way, and the garage door reverses before hitting the floor. None of these garage door service and repair problems are insurmountable. In fact, many can be handled with a quick phone call – and we’re more than happy to provide advice on common questions such as these.


At Smart Doors, we prioritize our customer’s needs and ensure that we are easily accessible to address any problems that may arise. We will help you and do so with a smile. For the following problems, Book service call with us:

Common Garage Door Issues:

Broken Springs

Broken Cable

Broken Rollers

Broken Drum

Bent track

Damaged Panel

Door off track

The door doesn’t open

Common Garage Door Opener Issues:

Stripped gear

The door will not open or close

The door stops partway up/down

The Remote is not working

Need a remote(s) and/or keyless pad

***Value-Added Service – Aluminum Capping***

Smart Doors offers garage door aluminum capping services to ensure our customers receive long-lasting, quality products. This garage door service is provided to seal and preserve rotting surfaces indefinitely while simultaneously creating an attractive, weather-resistant exterior finish. Smart Doors takes special interest in every garage door installed and we know that by adding aluminum capping to your installation, we will save you money in the many years to come. If you don’t believe us, simply call “the other” guy and ask for references. But for the best garage door sales and installation services around town, SMART DOORS is the best choice – today, and tomorrow.

About Us

SMART DOORS is the premier garage door company in the greater Toronto area, proudly serving the communities of Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Thornhill, Markham, Aurora, and North York from its main showroom location in Concord, Ontario. For more information on sales, service, and installation, visit us online, stop by, or call 905-532-9770 for a free consultation. We stock, sell, and Manufacture Modern Garage doors, including trendy Glass Garage doors, fiberglass garage doors, Black Garage doors, doors, Aluminum Garage doors, and Wooden and Wood Accent Garage Doors. We also sell traditional carriage-style garage doors and other many timeless designs with stamped, raised, or recessed panels.

Smart Doors is known for reliability, product quality & service satisfaction! Call us TODAY for ALL of your garage door needs!


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Average customer rating: 9.7 10 (127 reviews)


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