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We know garage doors
“Smart Doors is the company for your new door. Look no further. We did our homework & Glad we chose Smart Doors.”

Roni, Toronto
We know garage doors
“Smart Doors is the company for your new door. Look no further. We did our homework & Glad we chose Smart Doors.”

Roni, Toronto
We know garage doors
“Smart Doors is the company for your new door. Look no further. We did our homework & Glad we chose Smart Doors.”

Roni, Toronto



Fibreglass garage doors combine strength and aesthetics to make them a great alternative for modern home designs. These doors are extremely sturdy, ensuring your garage’s security and protection against numerous elements. Furthermore, fiberglass garage doors come in a variety of colors, finishes, window types, and panel designs, allowing homeowners to choose a look that precisely complements the overall appeal of their property. Fibreglass garage doors give sophistication and security in an appealing package due to their long-lasting durability and customizable features. If you like the classic look of a robust wood garage door but don’t want to deal with the upkeep, fiberglass garage doors are a great option.


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Fiberglass garage doors provide numerous advantages over traditional doors:-

Resistance to Elements: Due to their corrosion resistance, fiberglass garage doors are a great choice for people who live near the shore. They do not warp or rot when exposed to moisture, nor do they contract or expand in response to temperature variations.

Lighter: Fiberglass is one of the lightest materials available for garage doors. This reduces the load on the lifting parts and makes manual lifting easier.

Economical: Fiberglass is one of the most affordable materials, often much less expensive than wood, and, depending on the door, can be more or less expensive than steel.

Thermally Efficient: Fiberglass garage door components have a 2″ thickness and a molded fiberglass face with an internal steel skin. They have additional polyurethane insulation, which results in an outstanding R-value.

Appearance: Fiberglass doors provide the illusion of wood grain and are sleek and polished. The wood grain designs on these garage doors are incredibly detailed and gorgeous due to the texture and malleability of fiberglass.


Fiberglass Raised Panel Doors Offer A Combination Of Durability, Strength, And Aesthetic Appeal. The Raised Panels Provide A Classic And Elegant Look That Can Complement Various Architectural Styles. The Fiberglass Material Used In The Construction Of These Doors Is Known For Its Resistance To Warping, Cracking, And Rotting, Making It A Reliable Choice For Exterior Applications. Redefine Your Standards. Created With The Most Discerning Individuals In Mind, Our Fiberglass Raised Panel Residential Garage Doors Exceed Expectations, Pushing The Limits Of Performance And Design.

Fiberglass Raised Panel 2751

The perfect fusion of strength and design is embodied in our meticulously crafted 2751 fiberglass garage door.

Fiberglass Raised Panel 2752

The 2752 fiberglass garage door is a testament to our expertise in combining strength and design flawlessly.

Fiberglass Raised Panel 2701

Experience the harmonious union of strength and design in our meticulously crafted 2701 fiberglass garage doors.

Fiberglass Raised Panel 2702

Discover the perfect blend of strength and design in our precisely crafted 2702 fiberglass garage doors.

Fiberglass Raised Panel 2703

Experience the flawless integration of strength and design in our carefully crafted 2703 fiberglass garage door.

Our expertise encompasses Toronto GTA- Garage door sales, service, replacement, and installation since 2005. We offer a comprehensive range of modern garage doors, including popular options like glass garage doors, Contemporary black garage doors, fiberglass garage doors, aluminum garage doors, wooden doors, and wood accent garage doors. Additionally, we provide traditional carriage-style garage doors and a variety of timeless designs featuring stamped, raised, or recessed panels.

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Centauri Garage Doors is the future of garage doors with its smooth, flush, frameless glass & premium feel. It was created to answer the need for a truly modern garage door, one that can compliment your modern home and your unique architecture.



When comparing fiberglass garage doors to wood and steel competitors, the benefits are immediately obvious. Fiberglass garage doors saves energy, requires little maintenance, has a long lifespan, and is resistant to dents, scrapes, and scratches. The actual decision is the style of door you want. You may achieve the look of a wood door with fiberglass without the care and decaying problems. Fiberglass garage doors combine the strength and low maintenance of steel with the inviting beauty of wood.

Fiberglass garage doors are noted for their toughness and extended lifespan. A well-maintained fiberglass garage door can last anywhere from 20 to 30 years on average.

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Since 2005, Smart Doors has successfully installed hundreds of garage doors in Toronto and surrounding neighborhoods, including Markham, Maple, Richmond Hill, Aurora, Vaughan, Thornhill, Concord, King City, and North York. Our extensive experience and commitment to quality make us the trusted choice for all your residential and commercial garage door needs.