There are fewer things more distressing than having someone successfully or unsuccessfully attempt to break into your home or garage. It can leave the homeowner feeling scared and vulnerable in their own home. However, there are ways that you can prevent people from breaking into your aluminum garage doors in North York.

8 Tips to Prevent People from Breaking into Your Aluminum Garage Doors

1. Keep Track of Your Remotes

People often assume that break-ins come from a thief somehow breaking through a strong, secure aluminum garage door but the reality can be quite different. Quite often, it comes from someone gaining access to a garage remote that you’ve either stolen or simply misplaced, giving them an easy, quiet entry. By keeping track of your remotes, you can prevent this from happening.

2. Don’t Give Them a Chance to Get to Your Emergency Release

You might have seen on TV or heard from your neighbors in Toronto, Vaughan, and Richmond Hill about the ease with which would-be criminals can enter your garage by pulling the emergency release. Whilst it may be true, it is preventable. By closing windows or filling gaps, you can prevent the thief from using this method to gain access to your garage.

3. Take Care of Your Garage Door

Aluminum garage doors are great products that require little maintenance but that doesn’t mean you should neglect them completely. Act on any loose, corroded, or rusty panels to ensure that the criminal doesn’t take advantage of this weakness to gain access to your garage.

4. They are Strong but not Invincible – Reinforce those Locks

Never underestimate the perseverance of a criminal who feels they have little other choice – they’ll find a way to get through any door. By investing in secondary locking systems such as a padlock, not only will your reinforced door deter those from even trying it, it will be stronger if they do.

5. Remember to Lock!

You’d be amazed at the sheer number of people who simply close their Aluminum or custom garage doors but forget to lock them. As you can imagine, these are heaven to would-be criminals, who can be in and out with your valuables in seconds. You have a great product with a sophisticated locking system – make sure you use it.

6. Take a Peep…

It goes without saying, but if a criminal feels there’s a chance that they’ve been watched, they won’t stick around. From cheap measures such as a wide-lensed peephole to more technical solutions like CCTV, make life as uncomfortable as possible for a criminal and they’ll avoid your home like the plague.

7. …and Don’t Give them One

If you’re looking for a home to break into and you can see a shiny new lawnmower and other valuables through the window of the garage, then that’s the house for you. By frosting or covering windows, you’re making it a gamble that they won’t want to take.

8. Plan for the Worst…

…and hope for the best. Unlikely it may be, but if someone gets through your aluminum garage door, you’ll want to stop them from getting further. Invest in a lock or deadbolt from your garage to your home to stop thieves in their tracks.

Keeping Safe is Easy with Aluminum Garage Doors

Keeping safe and preventing break-ins is easy – it just requires extra thought and preparation. By following the above advice, your home and garage door will be near impregnable, and you can rest soundly in your sleep knowing that your home and the things and people inside it are safe.

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