As long as people have used vehicles of one type or another, there has been some iteration of the garage door. It may seem that while technology in cars has shot lightyears ahead, garage doors have stayed relatively the same. But over time as garages have become so much more than just a space to park the car, so too garage doors have evolved in looks, functionality, and technology.

Superior Material

Gone are the days of the old wooden single-panel garage door. Wooden Garage doors, though still highly sought after, require regular maintenance, painting, and monitoring to avoid moisture problems and rot. As such, modern garage doors made of other materials are surpassing wood in popularity. Rust-proof aluminum is light and affordable, while layered steel is extremely durable. Fiberglass, plastic, and vinyl options reinforced with steel are also becoming increasingly popular. They too require minimal maintenance and stand up well to the elements. Furthermore, as the popularity of these materials increases, the options for customization of the garage door, right down to the texture, have become too numerous to count.

Lifting the Standards of Beauty

With their sheer size, garage doors make up a considerable portion of the appearance of a home. This makes their aesthetic value far greater than many realize when considering the look of their house. Wooden garage doors are often thought of as the classic, desired for their craftsman looks and charm. Some believe that the old-fashioned quality, appearance, and customizability of wood simply can not be met by other materials. However, modern garage doors made of durable steel, fiberglass, and vinyl can be embossed with a wood-grain texture that can easily mimic the detailed assembly of wooden doors. As plastic technologies progress, wood-like colors can even be mixed right into the material itself. As aforementioned, these options not only offer the aesthetic quality of a wooden door but require much less maintenance and boast a much longer lifespan. Furthermore, new styles of modern garage doors are increasing in variety so rapidly, that there’s an option to appeal to virtually anyone’s architectural taste. From the grain to the color to the window shape, colonial, traditional, or contemporary, the possibilities are limitless.

What’s Inside Counts

A garage door opening is a huge gap in your home’s sealed environment. In the past, this gap in insulation was often overlooked. Now that garages are used for a variety of purposes—workshops, living spaces, and studios—it’s more important than ever that garage doors meet modern energy standards. In places that experience dynamic seasons, this is exceedingly important. Those living in the Toronto GTA areas are all too familiar with extreme winters and sweltering summers. A well-insulated garage door can not only make the garage space more usable in severe weather but also save on energy costs. Many modern garage doors now come pre-equipped with insulation built right in. Steel or aluminum models for example, often contain a layer of polystyrene insulation between a strong outer and inner frame. Yet despite this extra padding, doors are still relatively sleek and actually become more durable because of the extra layers. More tightly fitted panels as well as heavy-duty weatherstripping at the bottom of doors also help to keep weather, water, dirt, and pests out of the home.

Modern Garage Doors Elevate the Neighbourhood

Whether interested in a total home makeover or converting a tired garage into an accommodating space, installing a new overhead garage door is important. For homeowners looking to sell, especially in the competitive markets of Toronto, Vaughan, or Richmond Hill, a contemporary garage door can give a home a new lease on life. Luckily, the array and quality of modern garage doors offer homeowners plenty of options like Glass garage doors, Smooth black garage doors, or customize your overhead garage doors, possibilities are endless.