insulated garage doors vs non-insulated garage doorsWhenever the subject of commercial garage doors and residential garage door replacement comes up these days the discussion invariably turns to whether it’s smarter to purchase an insulated or non-insulated door. In most cases, the discussion turns on a simple question: does garage door insulation really make any difference? As with most things, people are divided into 2 camps on this. The one group insists that everything that goes on in the house must be thoroughly insulated, and that includes the garage door. The other camp believes that with insulated garage doors you’re just paying for insulation that doesn’t actually do anything. So who’s right?

Making the Case for Insulated Garage Doors

That subtitle pretty much gives away where we come down on the subject but we’re not going to just take a position and not defend it. So read on to find out why we think insulated garage doors are the way to go. First, we’ll look at non-insulated doors.

  • Non-insulated garage doors: Non-insulated doors, typically made of steel, have a hollow back and have a reputation for doing a poor job keeping either hot or cold air out of the garage. But while there’s no doubt that a non-insulated door will get alternately cold or hot depending on the season proponents of this type of door say it doesn’t matter. Even if you have the most insulated door on earth, they claim, the minute you open it in the dead of winter every bit of warm air simply vanishes out into the atmosphere. Other proponents claim that the amount of energy you might save with an insulated door is compensated for by the lower price of the non-insulated door, along with lower long-term maintenance costs.
  • Insulated garage doors: By contrast insulated garage doors are made by creating hollow panels either of steel, aluminum, or fiberglass and then filling those panels with polystyrene or fiberglass insulation to create an effective buffer between the environment and the inside of the garage. An insulated door can make a profound difference in the amount of cold or hot air that penetrates the garage. And while it’s true much of the warm air is occasionally vented with the opening of the door time the garage is warmer adjacent rooms will also be warmer helping to lower monthly energy bills even further.
  • Conclusion: The bottom line is that while there may be certain climates in which a non-insulated door will fulfill the homeowner’s needs Ontario is not one of them. Homes here cry out for proper insulation on all exterior facing surfaces and the garage door is no exception. An insulated door will also reduce street noise, be more resistant to break-ins, be more resistant to dents and dings as well as help prevent your car battery from dying on extremely cold nights.

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