SmartDoors insulated garage doorsToday, insulated garage doors are recognized as an essential tool in reducing your home’s energy usage: and not just during the depths of winter. By preventing heat transfer in both directions an insulated garage door will keep the heat in during the winter and the heat out during the summer, helping to ease the burden on your air conditioning system as well.

Accessing Hard-to-Reach Savings With Insulated Garage Doors

When most people think of energy efficiency and the home they don’t automatically think of the garage. But maybe they should. By installing an insulated overhead garage door from Smart Doors you can access energy savings you may not have known were available.

  • Negating the Icebox – An ice-cold garage will draw heat from any adjoining rooms and make the job of keeping an overhead space warm a study in futility. By installing an insulated garage door from Smart Doors you can raise the ambient temperature in your garage by 10-20 degrees and dramatically reduce the amount of energy needed to heat adjoining rooms.
  • Enhancing Structural Integrity – If your old wooden garage door has begun to experience exposure-related degradation it will become loose and structurally unsound, rattling noisily as it shudders its way up and down the tracks. Our double and triple-layer insulated garage doors possess a naturally high level of structural rigidity and will never suffer rot or corrosion.
  • Embracing Higher R-Values – You may never have thought of your garage door in terms of R-value before but there’s no time like the present to start. The higher the R-value the greater a material’s or product’s ability to resist heat transference. By installing an insulated door with a high R-value you’re keeping expensive heat in the house where it belongs.
  • Reducing Street Noise – Most homeowners aren’t aware of how much noise enters their homes through their garage doors and windows. Just as replacing your old windows with modern, insulated double-pane ones will dramatically reduce external noise levels so too will replacing your old garage door with a new insulated model from Smart Doors.

An insulated overhead garage door replacement will make your entire house more comfortable in both winter and summer and help you carve energy savings out of one of the last places you might have considered looking for them: the garage. Talk to the pros at Smart Doors in Toronto and Richmond Hill to learn more about the importance of insulated garage doors.

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