Adding windows to your custom garage doors may seem an attractive choice, and it certainly does have benefits, but before committing to anything it’s wise to consider if it’s the right choice for you. There are lots of buying options in Toronto and surrounding areas, and as a potential customer, you will be inundated with a vast array of styles and prices. But before you get carried away with an offer you just can’t refuse, ponder some of the more pragmatic aspects of this kind of purchase. Sometimes it’s right to go that bit further and spend a little more, and sometimes it’s not. Let’s have a look at some things to consider when in the market for custom garage doors.

Are Garage Door Windows for You?


Do You Need Natural Light?

Be practical about this: what’s inside your garage? Are you spending a lot of time there? Are pets in there a lot? If you don’t have much except some old household goods or tools then why bother? Many garages in Toronto GTA are not much more than storage spaces for all those items that have slipped down your list of importance but are still too valuable to throw away. If that’s the case, go windowless.

Keeping with Your Style

If the main body of your home has a particular look or style maybe it’s worth sticking with that theme even if the windows are not a practical need. At a budget level just having custom garage doors with a matching or complementary color can be enough to keep a style congruent throughout the property, but having a similar feature window throughout is far more aesthetically pleasing.


Having windows in custom garage doors is an opportunity to look in as well as out. If you have items of value inside your garage or you stay in a neighborhood that has high rates of breaking and entry, windows may not be the best option. However, tinted or obscured glass can still be used to stop pesky peekers eyeballing your precious garage booty, and still let in a lot of natural sunlight.

What Can You Afford?

You may have your heart set on windows for your new custom garage doors but financial reality might pour cold water over your plans. Even budget windows could bump up the cost of a door by an extra 25%, and stylized windows like lattice or stained glass could cost a little more. Although it is a highly desirable feature to have and one which is becoming increasingly popular, it is still a luxury addition and the price is sure to reflect that. Read more Garage Door Buying guide

Heat Loss

Having windows in your custom garage doors will surely make your garage a little bit colder. If there is a need to keep the garage warm, windows may not be the right option. Also, if the garage is heated during the winter months there may be a need to expend more energy to retain the same temperature. This might be a negligible cost but definitely, one worth considering if your garage is a working or playing environment. Children, pets, and DIYers might stay in a garage for long periods doing whatever it is they do. And although great to have during the warmer months, during winter the garage will become noticeably colder with windows installed.

So there it is – a quick guide to go, or not go for the window option with garage doors. In all probability the final decision will rest on two things – do I really want that look? And can I afford the extra cost? If you can say yes to both of these questions I think the decision is already made.

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