Technological improvement is as constant as the march of time. This is true of computer processors, televisions, lightbulbs, and anything else you care to name; including garage doors. Today’s aluminum garage doors are several steps up from the garage doors of yesterday in looks, durability, and energy efficiency. If you’re still clinging to your old wooden garage door despite the rot along the bottom, the fact that it rattles its way up and down the track, and the fact that it leaks valuable heat like a spaghetti strainer it’s time to consider replacing it with an aluminum door from Smart Doors.

Aluminum Garage Doors: 6 Reasons They’re The Common Sense Choice

Below we present 6 of the reasons aluminum garage doors are the smart choice for value-conscious homeowners.

1) Greater security – Unfortunately, if you have an old garage door in Toronto, Vaughan, or Richmond Hill you’re laying out the welcome mat for burglars. Most home invasions occur through old doors and windows and this includes garage doors. It’s easy for a crook to gain entry through a window with a rooting frame or a garage door with loose, rotting wooden panels. An aluminum garage door will put up the ‘Stop’ sign for burglars.

2) Increased durability – If you don’t do constant maintenance to your wooden garage door rot will set in and the process will be impossible to reverse. Likewise, if you have a steel garage door you’ll need to be on regular rust patrol. An aluminum garage door by contrast will resist corrosion and never rot away like steel or wood. As a result, you can expect it will look just as good after years of use as it does the day after being installed.

3) Increased energy efficiency – Today we know that conservation is essential if we’re to leave our children the kind of life we’ve enjoyed. Replacing a leaky old garage door with a new, insulated, snug-fitting aluminum door will keep valuable heat inside where it belongs, keep the rooms that share walls with the garage warmer, reduce your monthly energy bills, and save irreplaceable energy resources for future generations.

4) Environmentally responsible – The aluminum garage door you buy today is fabricated almost entirely from recycled materials, unlike wood which requires the destruction of primary resources. When the aluminum garage door reaches the end of its lifecycle it can also be completely recycled itself, meaning that an aluminum garage door is a paragon of sustainable technology.

5) Increased home value – Many folks don’t give a lot of thought to ROI when they’re shopping for a new overhead garage door replacement but they should. Because a new aluminum garage door is one of the most cost-effective home improvements you can make; roughly on par with a major kitchen renovation when it comes to ROI. Real estate statistics show that you can expect to recoup nearly 80% of your investment should you decide to sell your home.

6) Increased curb appeal – Replacing an old squeaky, leaky, shoddy-looking garage door with a beautiful new aluminum garage door will instantly increase your home’s curb appeal. Aluminum doors today are available in a variety of styles, colors, and textures to suit any type of home design and any homeowner’s tastes.

Home technology has come a long way in recent decades and nowhere do the advances in materials, durability, and energy efficiency come together so completely as they do in today’s aluminum garage doors. Don’t wait for next year to start enjoying enhanced home security and lower energy bills, call Smart Doors today in Toronto, Vaughan, and Richmond Hill to learn more about our garage doors collection.