As the top residential garage door and commercial garage door company in the Greater Toronto Area, Smart Doors has highly trained staff to help you determine your needs, from the type of door to buy to what kind of automatic garage door opener has the right balance between cost and features.

Here are some things to keep in mind about garage door openers when beginning your search for a garage door replacement company.

Pick the Right Horsepower

As any garage door company will tell you, the most popular garage door openers are available in two configurations: ½ and ¾ horsepower. For a single or double door weighing up to 350 pounds, then a ½ horsepower model should be sufficient and is the most commonly available. For carriage house style doors made from solid wood or other materials weighing up to 500 pounds, the larger ¾ horsepower option is the better choice. The drawback is that ¾ horsepower models are more costly.

Selecting a Driver Type

There are three drive types available: Belt, Chain, and Screw drives.

  1. 1) Belt drives offer the most features in terms of efficiency and quietness, but they are more expensive than the others. These kinds of drives are best for garages with livable space above them.
  3. 2)Chain drives use a metal chain along a metal trolley when the device is activated and is the least expensive and most commonly available, but they also are louder than the other two.
  5. 3)Screw drives provide lift by using a threaded steel rod. The newest models are designed to muffle sound and increase opening speed by using a plastic-lined track.

The Convenience of a Remote Control

Remote-controlled garage door openers are ideal if you are locked out of your house but can access it through your garage, or are stuck in your car thanks to the weather or other interruptions. Thanks to technological advances, the newest remotes can be programmed with billions of access codes, making your premises nearly impenetrable to any intruder without the use of brute force. A well-established garage door company in Toronto will have many models and accessories to choose from, including wireless keypads and keychain remotes. We can also help you program the remote to work with newer in-vehicle remote keypads or buttons.

A trusted garage door company should be able to provide you with the best information to make informed decisions, so call Smart Doors today at 905-532-9770.