Glass is here to stay…

First wood garage doors ruled supreme, then metal, but now it seems glass has emerged as the superior construction material for your home. With a long list of qualities, few downsides and a style that’s here to last, here’s why glass is considered a superior construction material when it comes to your garage doors.

Glass Garage Door – A Superior Construction Material

  • So often we see trends come and go when it comes to property, and homes that were once at the forefront of thinking and design can look dated almost overnight. However, with glass, you’re bound to get a material that stands the test of time in terms of both style and durability.
  • The simplicity of glass means construction companies are keen to use it as there’s no fear of creating a dated product – glass is limited when it comes to design and usage, meaning a glass garage door can easily stand the test of time and stay looking better for longer when compared to other materials used in garage doors, giving you one of the best garage doors in the whole Toronto, Vaughn and Richmond Hill area.
  • Glass is also incredibly maintenance-free and strong. Unlike metal and wood, glass doesn’t rust or decay. Provided that you haven’t scratched or broken it, the glass will stay the same for a long, long time – leaving your glass garage door looking as good as the day you got it even twenty years down the line.

Energy efficiency Glass Garage Door

Glass Garage Door Glass Garage Door Installed by Smart Doors Toronto

  • By using glass as a construction material, you can count on having a high level of energy efficiency in your home.
  • Some materials, such as wood and metal, are ineffective when it comes to retaining heat inside your home and can be wildly inefficient. This can lead to you running your furnace or air conditioning system longer and harder, which can see you spending a lot more on your energy bills than you have to.
  • Glass however is an incredibly effective insulator, meaning it keeps the heat inside your home better than other materials, which could see you save a small fortune on your energy bills each month and keep you more comfortable in those long Toronto winters.


  • • Glass can be surprisingly versatile, with a large number of styles available and options that mean there’s likely something for everyone.
    • Regular glass is a standard option, whereas tinted and frosted glass garage door types can offer a touch of privacy and act as an extra security feature that’s bound to appeal to a lot of people.
    • Toughened and shatterproof glass is available for those who worry about the potential weakness of glass against those who may wish to break in, and extra-clean glass types can leave you with even less to do in terms of maintenance and cleaning.

Natural light Glass Garage Door

  • Whether your garage is a man cave, a workshop, or simply just somewhere to park your car, the natural light that a glass garage door offers is superior to having to use a light with opaque materials such as wood or metal.
  • Natural light has been proven to have a positive effect on people’s moods and well-being, and can also see you save on electricity costs as you won’t have to turn on light each day.

Glass Lasts and in More Ways than One

As you’ve read, the timeless nature of glass and the many practical benefits of using it, such as being long-lasting and easy to maintain, prove that it’s a superior construction product, both for the customer and the contractor. A material and a product that can pay for itself over time, we’re sure that we’ll see glass used in construction projects more and more over time, so you might want to consider jumping on the bandwagon.

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