glass garage doors Many homeowners are opting for the leading-edge elegance of glass garage doors. Sleek, chic, and timeless in their appeal glass doors help unify the interior with the exterior of a home, bring light and warmth into the garage on those frosty January mornings, and won’t rot, rust, or otherwise corrode no matter what Mother Nature throws at them. Yet there are a significant number of homeowners who instinctively shy away from glass doors because they feel they’re unsafe. In this post, we’ll address some of those safety concerns and hopefully alleviate any doubts and fears you may be experiencing.

Glass Garage Doors: Style and Safety

Although an increasing number of Toronto,  homeowners are installing glass doors in their garages others are not sure they pass muster from a security standpoint. This sentiment is understandable but, we feel, unwarranted and below we’ll give you our reasons why.

  • The break-in factor: People are afraid that since the garage door panels are glass they’ll be susceptible to anyone who wants to simply break them and gain entry to the home. The fact is if you’re worried about break-ins you can order tempered glass to be used on your garage door. This is the same kind of strong, shatter-resistant glass used in cars. You can also affix a security film to the back of the glass panel so that even if it’s somehow broken the glass won’t fall out. By contrast, a determined burglar will find it much easier to gain entrance through a wooden garage door that has been weakened by time and the elements.
  • The “fishbowl” factor: Other folks are concerned that if they have glass doors on their garage anyone and everyone will be able to spy on them and/or be able to tell if anyone is home (they’ll see the car is gone). Again, while this is an understandable concern it is not one without a solution. If you’re worried glass garage doors will open up your personal life to prying eyes you can choose various levels of frosted glass that will still let in the light but prevent outsiders from seeing in. Tinted glass is another way to mitigate opportunities for unwanted gawkers. Tinted glass for garage doors comes in a variety of colors and levels of opaqueness so you can enjoy the benefits without worrying that you’re on stage all the time.

An Undisputed Safety Advantage: Transparent glass garage doors have a little-discussed safety advantage over every other type of garage door. If you’re about to exit the garage you can see exactly who is in the driveway before you even raise the door. This is important if there are kids in the house. Readily available statistics show that more than 50 kids are backed over by cars every week in North America. Tragically many of these accidents are a case of parents not seeing and backing over their children. So if the overall break-in risk is low in your neighborhood transparent glass doors can be an important safety choice. And one more thing: don’t forget too that installing thermal pane windows on your Toronto residential garage door or commercial garage door can greatly enhance the warmth and comfort of the garage on the worst winter days.

Overhead garage door replacement from Smart Doors makes sense from several perspectives including, perhaps surprisingly, from a security perspective. We hope this information has helped you achieve a better understanding of this type of garage door. If you’d like to learn more or to request a garage door repair service call the pros at Smart Doors on 905-532-9770. We’ll be happy to answer your questions.