Getting home from work after a long day at work should be a relief, but nothing quite literally dampens the spirits like having to get out in the cold, rain, or snow to open your garage, getting you soaked in the process. Fortunately enough, there’s a simple way to avoid this happening, and it comes in the form of an automatic garage door opener. A simple add-on to any overhead garage door replacement, here are five reasons why you should get one fitted.

Why You Should Add an Automatic Opener to Your Overhead Garage Door Installation

1. They’re Convenient

    • It’s the most obvious one, but it’s probably the most important one. Whilst opening a garage door the normal way isn’t difficult, it’s an unnecessary chore.
    • Getting out of your car, fiddling around for keys, unlocking a padlock, setting it down, and opening your door can take longer than you think, whilst with an automatic opener it’s as simple as hitting a button as you pull in, saving you time and effort.
    • Given the weather that’s prone to hit cities like Toronto, Richmond Hill, and Vaughan, an automatic opener can prevent you from having to get out into the elements to get into your garage. Hitting a button from the comfort and warmth of your car is preferable to scrambling to open a conventional door.

2. They’re Safe and Secure

  1. If you have a family, you’ll know how important safety and security are and what you’d do to protect what’s yours, so an automatic opener should definitely be considered during your modern garage door installation.
  2. Whilst conventional garage doors require keys that are easily copied and locks that are easily broken, an automatic garage door means that there’s no locking mechanism that somebody could tamper with from the outside, providing you with peace of mind.

3. Easily Accessible for Everyone

  • For some people, opening a garage door can put a strain on their bodies that they could do without. An automatic opener means no strain on the body, creating an easily accessible entrance to your garage and your home.
  • This is highly beneficial for older people who struggle with lifting, people in wheelchairs, children, and people with any problems that incapacitate them physically. A simple to-open garage door provides them with a higher level of independence than a regular garage door.

4. You Can Use them on More Garage Doors than You Think

  • Most people think that an automatic opener is only available on the standard overhead garage door, which is not the case.
  • Automatic openers can also be used on canopy, roller, and sectional garage doors, meaning that you shouldn’t have to scamp on style and can have whatever kind of door you want, making your garage the toast of Toronto, Richmond Hill, and Vaughan.

5. Cheap to Install and Will Add Value

  • Automatic openers are cheaper than you think, especially if you’re getting one alongside your garage door installation, and won’t run up a huge electricity bill.
  • Not only this, but they can also add value to your house when you come to sell your home, whereas traditional garage doors may have the opposite effect, meaning that they will more than pay for themselves.


In Conclusion

Not only will you be a source of envy in your street, but having an automatic opener will make day-to-day life a lot easier. From keeping your family safe to having an easy entrance when carrying groceries, an automatic opener is a convenient feature for your home and one that should you install it, you’ll wonder how you lived without it.

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