A bar, your tools, or your car – no matter what it is that you have in your garage, one thing’s for sure, and that’s that security is the most important thing when it comes to your garage, especially in big cities like Toronto, Markham, and Vaughan. Yet just because something is secure doesn’t mean it has to look bad. Full-view glass overhead garage doors not only have the right curb appeal, but you can also rest assured that whatever you have inside will stay inside. Here’s what you need to know about them.

Are They the Most Secure?

  • Whilst they’re not the most secure doors on the market, they’re heavy enough and secure enough to deter anyone from trying any funny business with your garage.


How “Full View” is Full View Garage Doors?

  • When people think about full-view glass garage doors, they can conjure an image of a burglar having a full view into your garage like a shop window – but we know that simply isn’t the case.
  • The fact is, the glass in the garage door doesn’t have to be transparent at all, and more often than not there’s a degree of frosting on the glass, which would make it impossible for any would-be criminal to get their eyes on your goods.
  • Frosted glass is just one option. There are varying levels of opaqueness for the glass, as well as several different colors which make it not only a security feature but can also help your garage to stand out and look beautiful, too. Reflective glass can also be a deterrent.



How Strong and Secure Are They?

  • The strength of the glass varies depending on what kind of glass you opt to pick for your full-view garage doors.
  • Opting for stronger glass, whilst more expensive, is a safer option for your house as they’ll be harder to break. That said, it’s hard as the weaker glass will break at the slightest touch – there’s still a degree of toughness to them and your valuables can still be kept safe. Tempered glass is also available, which is incredibly hard to penetrate.
  • The frame in between the glass panels is made of aluminum. Aluminum is a strong metal, not easy to bend or break, meaning your garage will come with a high degree of security regardless of what you have between the frames.
  • The gaps in the frame where the glass goes can also be small. With this in mind, even if the glass were to be broken somehow, it would be impossible for someone to squeeze through and gain access to your garage or your home. Contrast this to a wooden door where a panel could be pried open, and you can see the obvious security benefits of this kind of door.
  • Full-view garage doors are a modern kind of garage door, so you can expect them to have a modern, strong locking system. Whether it’s a smooth, handle-free door opened only through a remote, or a strong lock embedded into the aluminum frame, these kinds of garage doors are secure as well as stylish, providing full peace of mind to those who have them.

Combining Security with Beautiful Aesthetics

Indeed, they’re not the most secure garage doors in the market, but no garage doors offer the blend of high security and curb appeal quite as well as full-view garage doors. Their stylish and safe nature makes them a must-have in sought-after, busy cities such as Toronto GTA. Their customizable nature means that their level of security vs style is completely down to you, and we’re sure you won’t regret your choice.

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