Most Toronto homeowners order standard overhead garage door replacement models when they want to replace their garage doors: models that are available in several regular sizes and that are manufactured in volume to keep prices down. While it is certainly possible that you will be able to find a standard door that is perfect for your needs, you may wish to consider custom garage doors if you are looking for something a little out of the ordinary. Below, we take a look at 4 options you can take advantage of when placing an order for a custom door that you will not have available to you should you choose something from a standard range.

 Options for Custom Garage Doors That May Be Important to You

Perhaps not all of the following options will be of interest to you but even if only one of them holds any appeal, you may well need to place a custom order to get the garage door you want.

  1. Unusual Finish – If you are looking for a door that has an unusual finish, you will almost certainly have to place a custom order. By unusual, we mean something out of the ordinary that you will not find among the standard aluminum, fiberglass, and timber doors for sale in North York, Richmond Hill, and other parts of Greater Toronto If, for instance, you would like a garage door with an ebony veneer or rolled-gold plating, you would have to order a custom unit and you would expect to pay quite a lot more for options such as these.
  1. Unusual Dimensions – If you do not have a standard-sized single or double garage in your home, you will probably need to look at custom garage doors to find one that is going to fit your property. While these doors will not be as expensive as those with exotic finishes such as were mentioned above, you will have to pay a small premium for them because they are fabricated on a one-off basis rather than in large numbers. However, if you end up with a door that is a perfect fit for your garage, it will have been well worth the extra expense.
  1. Exact Replacements – Some homeowners are only thinking about replacing their current garage door because it is literally falling to bits and just cannot be kept in service for much longer. If you have a beautiful carriage door fitted to your garage, all you want is an exact replacement, you may find that custom garage doors offer the easiest solution. Most older doors will no longer be available for sale but a reputable company will be able to produce a replica that will be perfect for your needs.
  1. Special Security Equipment – Homeowners whose garages are filled with expensive tools or priceless vehicles will probably want a few extra security features on their garage doors to protect their investments. If this applies to you, custom garage doors are almost certainly the way to go. While you can always add new equipment to standard models, your new door will be more secure if the security features it boasts are included in the initial design.

To find out what other options and design features you can look forward to enjoying when you order a custom door from us, please feel free to visit our showroom whenever you happen to be passing. Alternatively, you can call during business hours and make an appointment for a member of our team to visit you whenever convenient.