aluminum garage door serviceWhen most homeowners think about replacing their old garage door they don’t typically entertain the possibility that their new door could be aluminum. Instead, they think of wood, or maybe steel. But that’s about it. Aluminum garage doors however have been taking a greater and greater portion of the garage door market and for several good reasons.

  • First, they can have a very sleek, contemporary look
  • Second, they won’t corrode the way steel will or rot like wood and
  • Third, they’re reputed to be pretty low maintenance.

But is that the case? To find out we’re going to take a look at aluminum garage doors and see if we can determine how often they should be serviced and how that stacks up against other types of overhead garage doors.

Service Requirements of Aluminum Garage Doors

If it’s a modern look you’re after for your Toronto home aluminum is the material you want for your garage door. But how often should you service aluminum doors and what should that service entail? Below we’ll take a look.

  • Aluminum panels: If you have a wooden or steel garage door you’ll likely find yourself needing to replace panels from time to time. But that’s not likely to ever happen with aluminum garage doors. Aluminum is corrosion-resistant, and mold resistant and it will never rot like wood. It also won’t need to be repainted and it will last longer than wood or steel.
  • Glass Panels: An increasingly popular variation on the aluminum garage door is the aluminum framed glass door. With this door glass panels are held in place by an aluminum support frame. This type of aluminum door will need more regular maintenance simply because dirt and debris will be obvious on the glass panels. You should have them cleaned and inspected for cracks or other damage once a month.

The Lifting Mechanism

Because aluminum doors are lighter than typical wooden or steel doors pressure on the lifting mechanism and its parts is reduced. Motor, springs, rollers, cables, and tracks, along with the chain or belt drive should all enjoy an easier life because of their reduced workload. But that doesn’t mean they’re absolved from needing periodic maintenance.

  • Bi-monthly inspection: A lighter door means visual inspection of the springs, cables hinges, etc. can often be reduced from once a month to once every other month. If you notice anomalies or problems though, don’t attempt to address them yourself. Call Smart Doors.
  • Bi-monthly balance test: Disengage the automatic opener and lift the door manually. It should lift easily and remain in the open position without needing intervention from you. If the door seems extra heavy and/or won’t stay open call Smart Doors.
  • Monthly test of emergency reverse mechanism: This mechanism is designed to ensure no one is accidentally caught under the closing door. Therefore it’s necessary to check it monthly regardless of what your door is made of for the sake of everyone’s safety.
  • Annual or semi-annual lube: Just to make sure everything’s running nice and smooth you should lubricate the hinges, track, and rollers on an annual or semi-annual basis.

The advantages of aluminum garage doors are many and include ease of maintenance, affordability, lightweight construction, and curb appeal. Don’t confuse low maintenance for no maintenance though. Remember the door consists of more than just the aluminum panels or frame. All components of the lifting mechanism need to be looked after and professionally serviced when need be. To learn more about installing an aluminum overhead door on your GTA home give Smart Doors a call on 905-532-9770.