There aren’t many things worse than a peaceful afternoon being interrupted by annoying noises – especially when they’re easily preventable. One such guilty culprit is that of a noisy custom garage door, with some screeching so loudly that you can hear them at the other end of the block in Toronto, Vaughan, and Richmond Hill. Sound familiar? If so, here are some handy ways to solve this problem.


How To Reduce Custom Garage Doors Noise


  1. Lubricate, lubricate, lubricate!

  • More often than not, one of the main sources of noise coming from a garage door is due to it being dry, with the metal parts scraping against each other causing an almighty racket.
  • By ensuring that you lubricate all the necessary components, you can ensure that the opening and closing motions of your garage door are a much smoother – and thus quieter – operation.
  • Use metal lubricants such as motor oil for the best results, applying first before getting rid of the excess lubricant with a rag.
  1. Check the motor

  • If you’ve got an older custom garage door, one of the main sources of noise could be the droning of the motor each time you open and close your garage doors.
  • Over time, these motors can become weaker and struggle to perform, causing them to become louder until they reach a point where it’s nearly unbearable.
  • By servicing or replacing your overhead garage door opener, you can quieten down the opening and closing process of your garage doors, something that’s bound to make both yourself and your neighbors happy.
  1. Loose nuts and bolts

  • Quite often, the simplest solutions to a problem are the most effective, and that can be true when it comes to fixing a noisy garage door.
  • By taking to your garage door with a trusty wrench and screwdriver, you can eliminate the problem in several minutes.
  • Over time, the fixtures in your garage door may have become loose, causing them to make noise every time they move. By tightening the nuts, bolts, and screws in your garage door every once in a while, you can eliminate the majority of noisy culprits with minimal time and effort.
  1. Look for wear and tear

  • Over time, all things start to break down, and custom garage doors are no exception.
  • Some key elements of your garage door, such as the tracks and the rollers, may have become unfit for purpose due to constant use, causing them to make noise every time you use your garage door.
  • By looking for obvious signs of wear and tear – such as whether the rollers are sliding rather than rolling and whether the tracks are still aligned – you can identify the problem and set about remedying it.
  • Unless you know what you’re doing, you’d be better off leaving this to a professional as you could end up hurting yourself.
  1. Insulation

  • A simple but effective way to make your custom garage doors operate more quietly is to insulate them.
  • Rubber fixtures are available to purchase that will help to reduce the vibration of your garage door parts, helping to keep any noise generated to a minimum.

Garage Doors Toronto and Their Aesthetic Impact


Help Make Noisy Garage Doors a Thing of the Past

By following the above advice to having a quieter garage door, you can help to make noisy garage doors a thing of the past. With several quick fixes, you can do yourself and some that your contractor can take care of, your friends and neighbors are bound to thank you as you take the right steps to make Toronto GTA noisy garage-free zones.

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